• 都市
  • Warszawa
  • 地区
  • Ochota
  • 通り
  • Racławicka
  • 面積
  • 500 m2
  • 値段
  • 23 000 zł
  • 土地面積
  • 1 m2
  • 部屋数
  • 8
  • バスルーム
  • 4
  • 築年月
  • 1933


A detached house for residential, office and business purposes. The building has 4 levels: complete basement, 2 floors, attic.
Communication: Racławicka metro, bus, tram 300 meters. Plot area 1.442 m2 World sides: north, south, west. Year of construction 1936.
Entrance on the elevated ground floor. In the basement there are several warehouses, rooms for the boiler room, laundry.
Main internal communication stairs between ground floor and first floor. Service stairs allow access from the back of the building, to the kitchen and apartment for the host / owner.
The ground floor has a garage entrance. The ground floor is intended for offices. The ground floor is divided into a conference room, 3 office rooms, kitchen with dining room, semi-circular terrace with veranda, bathroom and toilet, 2 staircases.
The first floor is currently dedicated to offices, which were used as bedrooms. On the first floor there is a conference room, 3 office rooms / bedrooms, a living room, 3 complete bathrooms, 2 terraces, 2 floors of stairs and a hall.
The top floor was originally the host`s apartment, there is also free storage space. On the top floor there is a flat for the host / owner, kitchen with dining room, bedroom and bathroom and attic equipped with storage space.
Heating with warm water, electrics. The property is located in a consolidated urban area, in accordance with the current urban plan.

And a description with room sizes.
Detached house (under the monuments conservator), after major renovation, levels: basement - 150m2 (height 3.5m with windows), wardrobe, workshop, fitness, heat center, deep water node, laundry room with bathtub, ground floor - 150m2 (height 3 , 2m), 2 rooms (65m2), 2 x 16m2, bathroom 11m2, wardrobes, shower, kitchen 10m2, dining room 12m2, floor - 150m2, the same layout as on the ground floor, second floor 90m2: 2 rooms, kitchen, toilet. House after necessary repairs, maintained in the classical style.


Małgorzata Radecka
+48 667 017 175
[email protected]




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